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New X7-20 With an Epoxy Granite Frame From SYIL

Powered by a mineral casting frame, the new model offers a small footprint, full CNC capabilities with the highest accuracy at a sub £25K price tag.

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SYIL today announced SYIL X7-20, its newest small CNC machine. The SYIL X7-20 is the follow-up of the X7. Its combination of small footprint, full CNC capabilities, the highest accuracy, and sub £25K price are unprecedented.

The new SYIL X7-20 is a versatile CNC machining center, with an epoxy granite frame that offers all the features of the original X7, but with improved accuracy and smaller footprint.

Epoxy granite is a composite mineral. Mineral castings are the next-level castings as in comparison with cast iron they have the following benefits:

  • Dimensional stability over a range of temperatures
  • Improved vibration damping over cast iron
  • Machine bodies can be made solid increasing their weight rating
  • Epoxy granite does not suffer from corrosion
  • Casting processing time is reduced
  • Higher spec spindle motors are now possible due to greater material stiffness
  • The environmental impact during manufacture is reduced

The new castings enabled SYIL's engineers to place the X-axis motor under the table. As a result, the width of enclosures reduced to 59" without compromising on table size or safety distances in the enclosure.

And the new X7-20 brings more good news: the travels have increased. The X7-20 machine is equipped with 400mmx300mmx380mm of travel and rapids of up 60m/min with the higher-spec kinematics. The choice of controllers has also been expanded to suit every budget. For those looking for a performance machine, Siemens SINUMERIK 808D advance is a good choice. Finally, for those needing true 5 axis functionality, SYIL offers a custom-built premium controller.

The new SYIL X7-20 is now available for sale in the United Kingdom. The base price of the X7-20 is £12,250. And you can then add the options that are right for you. An example configuration like:

  • Combo type fully protected enclosure, coolant kits, working lights
  • Advantech-LNC 6800 CNC controller with 3 axis servo motors, includes LNC EtherCAT 3 axis Servo motors and driver, support for 4th Axis
  • Automatic Tool Changer with 12 position BT30 type with coolant kits
  • High-quality epoxy granite machine frame
  • High-precision linear guide

costs less than £25K. This price is ex-works our Bristol warehouse.

For more information and sales, please contact George Konstantinidis, SYIL UK (Emvio Engineering Ltd.), at 01179 071 655.

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