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    Tapping Centre - T Series

    SYIL's tapping centres maximise productivity. If you are looking for a high efficiency and affordable machining centre for drilling and tapping, our T series is a great choice.

  • Tapping Centre: Highest precision and processing quality

    Starting from: £28,999 (excluding VAT)

    SYIL is a leading manufacturer of CNC tapping centres or BT30 spindle machines.

    SYIL is a specialist in tapping centres with over a decade of experience. We provide full series of CNC tapping centres - the T5-series has the highest cutting tool capacity and is built for extremely intricate processing, and the T3-series has a simple structure which is designed to maximise product quality. All T-series feature dual workstations, rotary worktables, and moving column structure centres operator to effectively reduce centre idle time needed to change workpieces during machining.

    We provide full series of the best machining centres for drilling and tapping.

    The T-series has the highest cutting tool capacity and is built for extremely centres processing. CNC apping centre machine SYIL T Series. The pursuit of high productivity, high-precision, high-efficiency and is most suitable for small precision parts T pursuit of non-stop endless production efficiency, to achieve high-speed processing. Feedrate most fast to achieve 48m/min.16pcs high-speed tool changer, tool change time as short as 0.8 seconds, small size, but it can very well complete the processing. The banner width of one meter to achieve space savings of the technical requirements. Siemens, Mitsubishi, Fanuc CNC system, the largest operator of convenience is the market with the most cost-effective small drilling and tapping centre machine.

  • Benefits of Our CNC Drilling & Tapping Centers

    Every SYIL high-productivity, high-speed tapping machine is compact, have a rigid design and build, and are equipped with linear guides, BT 30 direct-coupled spindles for improved power and accuracy, and twin dual index pallets for increased productivity.


    We provide full series of CNC tapping centres - from a tapping machine that has the highest cutting tool capacity and is built for extremely intricate processing, and another tapping machine that has a simple structure which is designed to maximise product quality.


    All SYIL T Series CNC drilling and tapping centres feature a compact footprint and a 2,000 to 20000 RPM BT30 spindle which can make rigid tap at 6,000 RPM.

    tapping centre - compact footprint

    Compact footprint

    • In the 2.5 square meters of floor space, the factory space is effectively used. 
    • While the height control in 2068mm, so does not affect the visibility.
    tapping machine - quality components

    Highest quality components

    • Through the important core components to control and upgrade quality.
    • Standard 3 axis with a high precision linear guide (Made in Hiwin)
    BT30 spindle - high speed high precision

    High-precision and high-speed

    • The maximum acceleration to 1G, high rigidity of the fuselage design. 
    • The maximum speed can reach 20000rpm / min.
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  • Tapping Centre Models and Technical Specifications

    Our SYIL T3 and SYIL T 5 Tapping Centres have excellent technical specifications. All product variants come with a set of standard accessories. Optional accessories are available from stock.

  • Machining Centre Application Examples

    Leading companies in machining industries use SYIL's tapping and drilling machines in their daily operations. Please find below some examples of SYIL tapping centres, all with a BT30 spindle.

    compact tapping center


    Project: Suspension system · Engine parts
    Processes Involved: CNC machining
    Material: Zamak 2-5

    Project Details: Production of mechanized and welded sets and components for the different fields of metallurgical and mechanical industry.

    compact cnc tapping center

    François Louis

    Project: Musical Instrument
    Processes Involved: CNC machining
    Project Details: François Louis, musical instrument maker, was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1954. Using the experience he had acquired in the field of fluid mechanics during his five years as a motorbike competition mechanic.

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    How much does a tapping centre cost? The base price of our tapping centre is £28,999. There are plenty of options available to customise your tapping machine. Now, depending on what you prefer you can directly call us (recommended!) or configure the machining centre online.

    CNC machine price

    About your price and quote

    • All prices displayed are in British pounds and exclusive of VAT. 
    • Shipping costs to the United Kingdom and import duties are included in the prices shown.
    • Note that all SYIL machines are made in China. The machine is built to order and ready for shipment within 4 to 8 weeks after order confirmation.


  • What is a Tapping Centre?

    What is a tapping centre?

    A CNC tapping center is a numerically controlled machine tool used for machining parts in various industrial fields, featuring high speed, high accuracy, and high productivity. Development of tapping centers has enabled milling and fine boring in addition to tapping, achieving high productivity, improved machining capabilities, and higher reliability. Tapping centers are perfect for precise, fast, and repeated machining processes. Tapping centers are ideal for machining parts with multiple, deep, or threaded holes. The focused drilling and tapping design maximize the efficiency and threading speed with the ability to drill into harder materials.

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