• Who Is SYIL Machine Corporation?

    A reliable Chinese maker of CNC machine tools. Serving more than 1,000 global customers.

  • Who Is SYIL?

    SYIL develops and manufactures affordable CNC machine tools for CNC milling and drilling purposes for clients worldwide.

    SYIL Machine Corp., a family-owned company, develops and manufactures precision CNC machine tools for CNC milling and drilling purposes. Since its founding, the company has supplied over 12'000 machines worldwide. SYIL carries out the development, production, and assembly at its factories in Ningbo and Shanghai. All our factories in China operate according to the same quality standards. Throughout the years, SYIL has developed an international sales partner network to sell the machines globally.


    SYIL Machine Corp. not only assembles machines but also produces parts and components with a high degree of vertical integration, ensuring an optimally coordinated degree of precision. Certification of quality and environmental management according to the newest quality standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 guarantees continuous improvement in all areas, as well as environmentally friendly and sustainable production.


    SYIL Machine Corp. currently operates in more than ten countries around the world. The SYIL brand step by step becomes a well-known name in the industry.

    Affordable CNC Machine - China Office

    Ningbo facilities, China

    CNC Milling Machines Production facilities

    CNC Machining Center Factory - China

    Shanghai facilities, China

    CNC Machining Center OEM Facilities

  • 12,000

    CNC machines installed worldwide


    International customers


    Active international markets

  • Ningbo Factory: CNC Milling Machine, CNC Tapping Machine, CNC Lathe


    Facilities No.1 | CNC milling machine | Tapping machining center | CNC lathe Assembling

    CNC Milling Machine Factory - China

    A compact CNC Milling Machine designed for real work with the power to cut serious materials

    Personal CNC Mill Factory China

    This is best hobby CNC mills, benchtop CNC mills for personal CNC machining works

    Mini CNC Machine China

    Benchtop CNC Mills X5 Education and Train

    CNC benchtop machining, it is ideal for schools and training colleges and can easily be moved between rooms

    Mini CNC Machine Factory China

    Small CNC Mills push the envelope for ease-of-use and affordability, PC base or industry type CNC controller

    Vertical Machining Center China

    CNC Machining Center X7 Combo

    The Small CNC vertical machining center for a variety of industries. Precision Mills Affordable cost

    Personal CNC Mill from China

    The Syil 7 Personal CNC Mill is a new approach in CNC Milling Machines,4 and 5 axis function

    CNC Tapping Center China

    CNC Tapping Center and Drilling Center

    High precision and speed CNC Tapping Center, Compact size, Fast rapid, Affordable cost

    CNC Lathe Factory China

    Small CNC Lathe for Personal and Educational Users

    Full enclosed Small CNC lathe with 4 position turret,small footprint,PC base or industry type CNC controller

  • Shanghai Factory: CNC Machining Centre, Vertical Machining Centre Frame


    Facilities No.1 | CNC Machining Center Frame Assembling quantity 5000 sets per year

    CNC Machining Center Factory

    Machine Center Production Capacity

    CNC Machine Center Core and frame

    5000 sets per year Assembling

    CNC Machine Made in China

    Quality Procedures

    Hand Scraping per every CNC Machines

    Affordable CNC Made in China

    High-end Quality

    Vertical Machine Center Fixed pre-tensioned double-nut ball screws on all axes

    Vertical CNC Factory

    Faster Delivery

    Machining Center Frame Average delivery time within 30 days

  • Facilities No.2 | CNC Machining facilities

    Facilities No.2 | Boring,milling,turning and grinding process

    vertical machine center

    CNC Machining

    Boring,milling,turning and grinding process

    machining center frame


    Facilities No.2 Automatic production line

    4 axis machine center

    Full Products Line

    CNC Machining Center Frame from v650-v1580

    VMC Factory China CNC

    6s management

    High quality management

  • Facilities No.3 | CNC Machining Center, Vertical Machining Center assembling facilities

    Complete Machine Center Assembling and Casting Storage

    Vertical CNC Machine Center

    CNC Machining Center OEM/ODM

    Complete CNC Machine Center Assembling and inspection.Laser, ball bar, and running test

    Machining Center

    Vertical Machine Center Castings Material

    H300+/350+ Castings hardness at the top leveled

    cnc machining center frame


    All casting under naturally aged


    affordable cnc machine center

    Castings OEM/ODM

    The casting provides to famous brand manufactures


  • Key Principles

    Humble. Ambitious. Always improving.

    Our mission

    • Improve and enhance the machine tools industry
    • Efforts to improve the technical standards for the world to produce and provide quality products
    • By making excellent small high-speed high-precision machine tools for contributions to society
    • Enhance and balance the company's development and well-being of employees

    Quality assurance

    Our factories work according to the quality standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.​​


    About environmental and quality management, SYIL Machine Corp. goes a step further

    Because the CNC machine tools and processes have been designed to be highly efficient and exceptionally environmentally friendly. The environmental balance of SYIL machine tools thus not only leads the way in terms of energy requirements but also in terms of the use of resources such as production time, space requirements, investment and personnel.


    Energy efficiency, resource conservation and CO2 emissions

    Buzzwords which define mega-trends in communication policies today. As a company which is both rich in tradition and future-oriented, we have always been sticklers for quality and sustainability. Our guiding principle has been “quality“, and our main task has been the development of machines that meet current requirements for highest precision, ergonomics, handiness and reliability.


    We always consider energy consumption

    In the development of new machines, consumption at peak loads, as well as permanent consumption during setup and retooling operations, are essential parameters for us when selecting available technologies and drives.


    Conservation of resources and CO2 emissions
    Real energy, environmental and resource conservation does not only apply to the finished machine but begins much earlier. We are an ISO 14001 certified company that seeks to integrate sustainability into the company's parties. Our focus is on the entire life cycle of the machine, from design, production to sound treatment.

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