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  • General FAQs

    Where are SYIL products made?

    SYIL machine tools are designed, manufactured and tested in our factories in China. Quality Assurance (QA) procedures for each machine are developed and controlled by our in-house engineering team. A SYIL employee audits the quality of every device at the factory before approving its shipment. Upon request, such audit can also be performed by an external auditor like, e.g., SGS. Components and accessories are either made by us or sourced from around the globe, including Germany, Japan, and Switzerland.

    What can I expect for manufacturing quality?

    You can expect every CNC machine to meet the highest international quality standards for CNC devices. Naturally, each machine meets specifications recorded in our inspection report. The castings are high quality. Be trusted that SYIL's castings come with consistent wall and web thickness. We use modern CNC surface grinders to perform the way grinding. Final fitting is completed by craftsmen using hand scraping techniques. Ballscrews are hand fitted and inspected. Electric motors are built to the highest standards at modern factories. All our new SYIL machines are painted with resin paint which adheres firmly to metal surfaces and is resistant to oil and cutting fluids.

    Are service technicians available for service and maintenance in the UK?

    At SYIL we offer remote support as well as local support. We have a network of dealers with global reach. Our China-based technical support team is available via phone or email. They can provide guidance on installation, troubleshooting and when applicable component replacement. Kindly note that we aim to deliver durable and simple machines, with few problems and easy repairs. Nevertheless, in case there is a severe repair needed which you cannot do yourselves, we will help you find a local service solution. Please contact us in any case where you need such service.

    Where can I find out about new products and other news from SYIL?

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  • Sales and Shipping FAQs

    When I request a quote, am I agreeing to buy the machine?

    No, when requesting a quote, it is non-binding. The price listed on our offer is valid for 30 days, and at any time you can decide to proceed with the purchasing process or decide you are not going to buy the machine.

    Are there any additional shipping costs?

    All quotations provided by SYIL UK include all import duties and shipping costs from China to the United Kingdom. Depending on the type of machine and the specific location in the UK additional freight costs within the UK might apply.

    How are the machines shipped?

    All machines are shipped via freight. In most cases, we arrange shipment for our customers, as we have the expertise, the network and affordable shipping rates to any location worldwide.

    What is the lead time on delivery for machines?

    Our machines are ready for shipment from Shanghai within five working days upon fulfillment of agreed payment terms. Freight times vary based on the location of delivery. Generally speaking, we are looking at 4 to 6 weeks for any destination within the United Kingdom. Kindly ask us for a more accurate lead time when you request a quote.

    Can I see a SYIL machine somewhere?

    SYIL machines are in use by our customers in various cities. Some of them would be happy to demonstrate the SYIL machine to you. Kindly contact us to see if we can set up a demo for you.

    Does SYIL offer financing?

    At this point we do not.

  • Technical Support FAQs

    Are replacement parts available?

    We stock all replacement parts in our warehouse in China and can provide fast air freight delivery to the United Kingdom if needed. In case you are looking for spare parts, the best is to contact our Technical Support team. It is our job to find a solution for you.

  • FAQs about Our CNC Machine Price

    All quotes are in British Pound and including any shipping and handling fees, import duties. VAT is mentioned separately.

    What is included in the CNC machine price?

    SYIL's product line stands for affordable quality. We offer a range of CNC machines. Our machines are built to order and shipped from China directly to customers worldwide. What does the CNC machine cost is our most asked question. To serve you instantly, we developed an instant quote calculator. These are the simple steps to take. Select your desired type of CNC machine by click on an image below. The page will jump to the appropriate section, simply take it from there by clicking the button. A new tab will open where you can configure your machine to your requirements. Within 30 seconds you have your bespoke CNC machine price in your inbox. It is just that simple to get the answer to the question: how much does a CNC machine cost? The quote you get from us is in British Pounds and includes any shipping and handling fees, as well as import duties. VAT is added as a separate line item.

    What is your CNC machine price range?

    SYIL's product line stands for affordable quality. We offer a range of CNC machines. Therefore, our CNC machine price range is pretty wide. You can get a decent home CNC machine for less than £10K, whereas a top machining centre can cost as much as £100K.

    Do you sell cheap CNC machines?

    People often expect China is the go-to destination when you are looking for a cheap CNC machine. If you are looking for a cheap CNC machine, our quotes will probably disappoint you. We do not promise you the cheapest CNC machines. SYIL's aim is to serve you with affordable CNC machine tools, meaning a device with a superb price/quality level.

    Do you offer CNC OEM solutions?

    In addition to our range of SYIL machines, we can tweak and customize CNC machine tools to your individual needs. If you have a request for a tailor-made or OEM solution, kindly contact us.

    How do you ship my CNC machine?

    SYIL machines are mainly built to order. The CNC machines are shipped from our warehouse in China directly to your place. Typically it will take us 8 weeks to get your order delivered. All our worldwide shipments are completed with freight forwarding companies. They are familiar with all the details of shipping, customs clearance, port operations, and local UK delivery in your company.

    How do I receive and install my CNC machine?

    Your machine will be delivered to your place in the UK in a box. After you remove the box you need to mount the device on a stand or desk. The CNC machine can be lifted using the eyebolt on the top of the column, or by using the thru holes in the base. The machine has also been developed and manufactured to allow disassembly, although user disassembly does have warranty consequences, so please review the warranty before any disassembly.

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