• Milestones of China's Leading CNC Machine Brand

    Learn how SYIL grows into one of the top CNC machine manufacturers.

  • A Top CNC Machine Brand from China: SYIL

    More than ten years of innovation in CNC. Take a quick look back at some of our top achievements in CNC milling. SYIL is rapidly becoming one of the global top 10 CNC machine manufacturers.

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    SYIL T series


    This machine can change tools within 1.0 seconds. Customers from China and around the world praise the machine's productivity, precision and quality. This machine marked our position as one of the top CNC machine manufacturers.

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    SYIL S/V series


    The extended S/V series comes with a better casting base and increased accuracy and productivity. Full range of models is used to control by the servo motor. The S/V series are among the company's top models these days.

    SYIL X5 CNC milling machine

    SYIL X5 series


    The SYIL X5 CNC milling machine is capable of transmitting through the process according to the specific needs and offers a variety of processing methods. Based on internal research and development, we made our control systems and added improved precision linear rails and productivity. The SYIL X5 positioned SYIL as a leading CNC machine brand from China.

    SYIL X4 CNC Mill

    SYIL X4 series


    With the introduction of the SYIL X4 CNC mill, SYIL achieved a new milestone. This milling machine combines small, compact size and easy to operate, along with a variety of small-scale processing functions. The SYIL X4 has been a best-seller for more than ten years.

    SYIL X3 CNC Mill

    SYIL X3 series


    The SYIL X3 CNC mill was introduced in 2005 and became a big success. Since 2005 many X3 machine tools were sold. Even today, still many customers use this model. It was one of the first and best small milling machines in the market at that time. It was the start of our entrance into the machine tool industry business.

    CNC machine brand from China



    During the start-up phase, the focus was primarily on the production of aluminium foundry business in LCD assembly parts, with an annual output of 150,000 sets. Majority of processing equipment for manual and automatic punch machine. First steps in producing suitable small parts production machine tools.

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