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    How much does a CNC machine cost depends entirely on the type of machine. So to get to see the SYIL CNC machine price, we kindly ask you to select your desired type of CNC machine. Then configure your CNC machinery with desired options. We then email you your bespoke price of a CNC machine from SYIL. You can also already see our CNC machine price range on this webpage.


    All prices displayed are in British pounds and exclusive of VAT. Note that we make all SYIL machines in China. Shipping costs to the United Kingdom and import duties are included in the prices shown.

    SYIL X5 Price

    5 Series

    £7,499 Starting price

    SYIL X7 Price

    7 Series

    £10,999 Starting price

    SYIL T3 Price


    £28,999 Starting price

    SYIL T5 Price


    £30,499 Starting price

    SYIL V650 cnc machine price


    £32,499 Starting price

    SYIL V750 cnc machine price


    £33,275 Starting price

    SYIL V850 Price


    £33,499 Starting price

    SYIL V855 Price


    £35,499 Starting price

    SYIL V1060 Price


    £39,499 Starting price

    SYIL V1160 Price


    £39,999 Starting price

    SYIL V1370 Price


    £51,449 Starting price

    SYIL V1380 Price


    £54,999 Starting price

    SYIL V1580 Price


    £57,999 Starting price

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